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Snowmobile Products







2012 to 2014 Artic Cat Procross/Proclimb Gen 3

2 & 4  stroke stronger 300M driven shaft  6404-0


These Gen 3 300M driven shafts are to help belt life by keeping the clutches better inline from to much flexing to cut down on heat in the clutches and belt, they are way stronger than stock and have a collar delete system so yiou never have to worry about the collar coming loose and the shaft moving the secondary out of alignment.

$299.95 +shipping & handling



Upgraded SKF driven shaft bearing kit comes with both bearings and we press on the PTO side bearing free of charge with the purchase of the driven shaft











Brake Rotor Cover  6404-1

2012 to 2013 Arctic Cat Procross/Proclimb 2 & 4 stroke

This brake rotor cover will keep brake dust an snow/water from getting on your clutches/belt for better belt life an performance, It helps the belt grip better from having clean clutches.   

+shipping & handling



Brake Rotor Cover 6404-1A
2012 to 2013 Artic Cat Procross/Proclimb 2 & 4 stroke
New style brake rotor cover 2012/13 arctic cat procross/proclimb 2 or 4 stroke using the arctic cat upgraded belt guard.
This new brake rotor cover also fits 2014/15  2 and 4 strokes 6404-1A
These will keep snow/water and brake dust from being flung at your belt and secondary from the brake rotor.









Rear Axle Extensions  6404-2
2012 to 2014 Arctic Cat Procross/Proclimb
2 & 4 Stroke


Extensions to add out side idler wheels to your stock axle, these axle extensions an extra idler wheels help with better handling to keep the sled flatter, the sled will not roll so much in the front.  

+shipping & handling


Rear Axle Spacer  6404-3
2012 to 2014  Arctic Cat Procross/Proclimb
2 & 4 Stroke


Delete the tri hub on f's/xf's Snowmobiles.

+shipping & handling

Heat Shield  6404-4
2012 to 2014 Arctic Cat Procross/Proclimb 2 & 4 stroke
(shield design varies by application)

This heat shield keeps heat an snow from getting on your belt/clutches, the venting an fan kit is recommended with this item, this item help clutches run cooler when using the complete kit.

This price is just for the heat shield alone, It is designed to work with our one piece belt guard but also can be used with the stock belt guard.

+shipping & handling



Belly Pan Protector  6404-5
2012 to 2014 Arctic Cat Procross/Proclimb 2 & 4 stroke

Keep your belly pan from being destroyed from blowing belts,
Its made from 0.125 aluminum.

$54.95  (when combined with any of the one piece belt guard, the price is $39.95)
+shipping & handling

PTO side torque arm,  the bracket has changed
to a new design that mounts to the exhaust
manifold stud also


F1100T/NA Torque Arms 6404-6
2012 to 2014 Arctic Cat Procross/Proclimb Turbo/NA


Keeps your motor more stable, helps with not letting other parts be damaged from the motor moving  *mounting hardware included

4 stroke $169.95
+shipping & handling



One Piece Belt Guard
2012 to 2014 Arctic Cat Procross/Proclimb     6404-7
1100 4 Stroke Turbo and non turbo sleds.

This new belt guard keeps your ECU and other parts from being destroyed if you ever  blow a belt. This new belt guard was designed to keep snow/water off your clutches/belt. You can remove your clutches without removing the belt guard.


One Piece Belt Guard
2012 to 2013 Arctic Cat Procross/Proclimb     6404-8
2 Stroke

+shipping & handling
+$30 venting option




Idler Wheel Kits 6404-9
(many colors to choose from)
2012 to 2014 Arctic Cat Procross/Proclimb


Extra idler wheels help with hyfax wear and helps with better handling by keeping the sled flatter in the turns, Also Helps with traction because the outside wheels drive your studs in harder instead of the track bending where there are no outside wheels.

Extra idler wheel kits come with all mounting & hardware.  The plastic idler wheels have great rubber and a replaceable bearing, the f's are 7.12" diameter an xf's are 8".

Call for pricing or email any questions that you might have, there many many different kits available.

6404-10 Snow Flap brackets

2012 to 2015 Arctic Cat Procross/Proclimb 2 & 4 stroke

Tired of backing over your snow flap, these snow flap brackets will help with that

$39.95 a set











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